Consulting Services

We are committed to growing the body of knowledge about entrepreneurship and to being part of projects that develop our community.

We have a team of people that we work with to provide a flexible approach to the projects we develop.  With each project we reach out to them and assemble a group that has the right blend of expertise and skill to design and deliver the outcomes that fulfill our client's needs.

We have been privileged to work with some amazing clients whose projects have inspired change in our community.

We are skilled at developing surveys, holding focus groups, doing secondary research and connecting with the right people in the community to gather the information needed for great decision making.

We are also skilled at developing and launching pilot projects, using the results to create a sustainable program.

Our areas of passion are entrepreneurship, globalization of community and business, youth, creating sustainable enterprises, building strong communities with strong businesses, and community development.

Contact Monica if you have an inspirational idea you need some passionate people to get behind!