Global Infobrokers

About Global Infobrokers Inc.

Global Infobrokers Inc. began in 1990 when Monica Kreuger (B.A. - M.B.A.), after working several years with the Federal Government, thought there was a need to make vital business information collected by the government, more accessible to businesses that actually required it.  Although she tried to set up a system to do this while employed, there were too many barriers so she quit and set up and information brokerage company.  Not really knowing how to start and run a business, she made many of the classic mistakes, quickly burning through her cashed in superannuation (another story!).  However, she did know how to connect people to information and as she built her network, she build her knowledge base as well.

In 1991, while in the middle of a long and deep recession, the federal government and other stakeholders were looking for ways to revitalize the sluggish economy. They believed that some kind of entrepreneurial training program might be an answer and approached Donna Sealy of Sealy Osborne Consulting - a company that had a solid reputation in career counselling.  She approached Monica, whom she had met through a mutual acquaintance (power of the network!), and asked her if she wanted to work with her to develop and launch an entrepreneurial program.  After research and a pilot program, the Self Employment Program was a reality.  Global has held the Self Employment contract ever since in Saskatoon and also in several jurisdications in Alberta, helping over 800 entrepreneurs launch in a wide variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, service and resources and have ranged in size from small home-based cottage industries to large multi-million dollar international companies.

Global Infobrokers has always measured its success by the success of its clients and in 2001 after nearly 10 years delivering the Self Employment Program, they went back through their list of past graduates for a “where-are-they-now” look and found some pretty interesting statistics.  What they found was that;

Realizing that in Western society, even with some training, the norm was that 55% of all business start-ups fail within five (5) years, Monica and Brent Kreuger (B.A.A. – B.Ed. – M.D.E.), who joined the company as vice president in 1995, literally looked at each other and asked “Wow… what are we doing right?”  Further research revealed what they call their “critical success factors” – the different behaviours that Global Infobrokers was practicing that contributed to their clients experiencing such above normal success rates. These factors included;

Global Infobrokers’ client successes as well as their training products were becoming well known and much respected and in 2002 they became a registered private educational institute (now rebranded as Praxis School of Entrepreneurship).

The survey also revealed another surprising detail.  In the general population, roughly 10% self identify as having what the public school system would classify asa "learning disabiliy".  Almost 60% of Global's past clients self-identified.  Many alumni either struggled with, or in some cases actually dropped out of school at a relatively early age, yet these same individuals thrived and were doing some amazing things in the Global Infobrokers' programs.

Monica and Brent grew to understand that for these individuals, it usually wasn’t a learning disability as much as it was the inability of the learning and teaching environment to support their learning styles and needs. This led Monica and Brent to become champions of entrepreneurship; trying to get the entrepreneurial message out to younger and younger audiences. For almost 10 years Monica taught the only entrepreneurship course offered at the University of Saskatchewan.  That course was originally offered only at the college of commerce and only as a fourth year elective.  All the while Monica was lobbying the College to offer an Entrepreneurship stream in addition to their Marketing, Accounting, and Management streams.

Brent, with his background in education, was working to integrate entrepreneurship into the secondary school system. In 2005 they decided that being entrepreneurs themselves, they should “eat their own dog food” and start their own private high-school based on the principals of entrepreneurship and utilizing the same proven success factors discovered in their post-secondary programs. That has resulted in the development of Praxis International Institute, an international boarding high school now located in an Ecovillage by Craik, Saskatchewan. It is providing its teaching model to students from all over the world. They have excellent instructors and are willing to collaborate with other schools to provide an education that is second to none.

Global Infobrokers remains committed to the ideal of the entrepreneur.  Rather than hire employees themselves, they typically work with entrepreneurs who are well educated in their areas of expertise and are the best of the best at what they do.  They are very well connected in business communities locally, nationally, and internationally, and readily volunteer their time as mentors and speakers at education and business forums.