SINP Entrepreneur Services

We are in the business of helping people research, launch and develop their business ideas. 

The SINP Entrepreneur stream offers individuals the opportunity to establish, acquire or partner in a business in Saskatchewan and be actively involved in its management. 

We will assist you with any aspect of the process relating to establishing a business including:

1) Assessing your skills, experience and abilities as they relate to starting a business
2) Identifying potential ideas that match your skills, abilities and experience
3) Conducting research or facilitating you to conduct the research into various opportunities
4) Identifying appropriate contacts in the business community that can assist you with your
    business idea
5) Arranging a Exploratory Tour
6) Providing translators
7) Preparing a Business Establishment Plan or facilitating you to complete it
8) Assisting with business development prior to and after landing
9) Providing distance language programming to facilitate communication
10)Providing business coaching
11)Providing entrepreneurial training and development through Praxis School of Entrepreneurship
12)Providing access to certified Immigration Consultants should you require their assistance in
     completing your application or receiving immigration advice

We are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs and will do that for anyone interested in coming here to establish a business! 

We have an office in Beijing China to support applicants from China. 

Please contact Grace Wang with any questions!